Standard vs. Enhanced Title Insurance

An Enhanced Title Insurance Policy is going to offer a greater protection over title defects as it covers many additional risks compared to a Standard Title Insurance Policy. Any purchasers of owner-occupied 1-4 family properties containing less than 10 acres of land are able to purchase an Enhanced Policy.

What are the benefits to you?

The superior coverage of the Enhanced Homeowners Title Policy provides outstanding benefits, which include:

  • Comfort knowing that if a title claim arises, you have the best coverage available
  • Numerous coverages which are not available with the Standard Owner’s Title Policy
  • Knowing that you will have the ability to resell your home in the future, free of potentially damaging title problems

The Enhanced Homeowner’s Title Insurance Policy

Regal Abstract highly recommends the Enhanced Homeowner’s Title Insurance Policy to our home purchasers. This policy provides the most comprehensive coverage available for just 10% over the standard policy.

Coverage Item Enhanced Policy Standard Policy
Any defect in title existing at the time of purchase
Prior recorded mortgages, judgements & other liens
Title owned by someone other than the seller
Unmarketability of title
Right of pedestrian access to land
Building permit violations NO
Enhanced access - right of vehicular access to land NO
Subdivision coverage NO
Violation of restrictions on land NO
Coverage extends to Living Trusts upon transfer NO
Coverage for post-closing encroachment NO
Post closing forgery protection NO
Five-year inflation protection (Automatic increase) NO

A few items covered in the Enhanced Homeowner’s Title Insurance Policy:

Fraud & Forgery Protection

Fraud & Forgery Protection

Protection against forgeries affecting the title to your home which occur after you have purchased your home.

Fraud & Forgery Protection


Your policy automatically increases by 10% per year for up to five years, providing you up to 150% of the original policy amount

Fraud & Forgery Protection

Building Permit & Zoning Violations

Coverage for losses up to $25,000 (a small deductible may apply) for building permit violations and forced remediation of zoning violations

Fraud & Forgery Protection

Deed Restrictions Violations

Coverage for violation of restrictive covenants occurring before the homeowner acquired the land if the homeowner is forced to correct or remove the violation

Fraud & Forgery Protection

Boundary Line Protection:

Coverage against forced removal of a structure erected without a permit, or encroachment upon or by a neighboring property